Announcing the SPC Junior Academy!

    By Gail Kenney, 08/27/2019

    We are proud to announce the formation of the SPC Junior Academy. We will serve youth ages 10 through 17. The Academy will meet for training on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4pm-6pm, with match play on Sundays at 11am. Heading up our efforts are our members Kelly Andrews and River Andrews. They will be developing training and drills for all ages and skill levels. This is guaranteed to get the kids off the couch and out in the fresh air – laughing, running, and learning.

    Your help is needed to get the word out so that we have a great response from Juniors. We will be contacting the Citrus Heights Foster Program, and the Elementary, Intermediate, and High Schools nearest the Park.

    We really need your help as:

    Volunteers – You can volunteer for once a week, once a month, whatever your schedule allows – we need you on the courts helping the Junior’s keep on task, answering questions, and giving guidance.

    Paddles – we’ve all got that old paddle we started with or a paddle that no longer suits our purpose hanging out in the trunk or the garage. Please bring them any Sunday and give them to Lee, Dale, Rodney, or Gail. They’ll be earmarked for the use of the participants. SPC is donating all balls that will be used in the program.

    Donations – if this email touches something in you that wants to respond by helping the Academy (we hope to reach both advantaged and disadvantaged youth) – we can assure you that all donations will remain with the program to be used for the purposes of assisting the participants of the Academy.

    Additional questions can be answered by Kelly Andrews, she can be reached at 

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    New Court Rotation Rules

    By Reine Steel, 08/22/2019

    Last month we held an open board meeting to discuss how the 12 courts could best be utilized by our members.  We had a great turnout with many members expressing diverse opinions and experiences.  After careful consideration, the board approved the following court rotation rules, which will go into effect this Sunday, August 25th.  It is very important that everyone read and understand the new court rules which will apply during all club hours – Sunday-Friday, 7am-12pm and 5pm-10pm.

    PLEASE SEE BELOW DIAGRAM as the court numbers have changed!


    Courts 1-3, 7-9  (the original six courts) will follow a "2 on 2 off" rotation at all times.  Winners stay and split.  This will allow players who come as individuals to easily get into the mix.

    Courts 5-6, 10-12  (on the new courts) will follow a "4 on 4 off" rotation at all times.  This will allow you to arrange your own foursomes.

    Court 4 (on the new courts) is the Challenge Court.  2 on 2 off, with winners staying together.  Winners no longer need to come off after 3 consecutive wins.

    Courts 9 & 12 are designated as Public Courts.  This is being required by the park district and it is important we honor this new policy.  These courts are available to non-members, and must be vacated upon completion of your game if members of the public are waiting to use it, even during club hours.  If no members of the public are waiting, then these courts will be used as part of the general rotation on their respective sides. Please be aware that the club cannot require that the general public follow our rotational rules.

    We will have separate white boards for each set of 6 courts.  Sign up with 2 names to a box on the original courts, and 4 names to a box on the new courts.  Hang paddles for Challenge Court.

    If you have any questions, contact us.  Please try out the new system over the next few weeks, and then let us know your feedback.  We are open to continually refining things in order to best serve our membership and maximize enjoyment of the 12 courts.

    Thank you!

    SPC Board

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    Good Day Sacramento Showcases Rusch Park Courts

    By Reine Steel, 08/22/2019

    Good Day Sacramento filmed two live news segments at the Rusch Park pickleball courts this morning. We had about 60 members come out and support.  They interviewed Amy, Lee, and River.  Thank you to our members for being the backdrop against we could feature the great sport and the demand for venues.  You can watch the videos here:

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    July 2019 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 08/01/2019

    The July 2019 Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of July 13-14.  There were 44 players in the Upper Division and 24 players in the Lower Division.

    Upper Division:

    Winners:  Lou Valdez & Tony Biondi
    Runners up:  Chuck Moy & Chris Froshaug

    Lower Division:

    Winners: Loni Ghiorso & Peter Schwartz
    Runners up: David Ghiorso & Gina Dobler

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    SPC Presents Rush to Rusch Park

    By Gail Kenney, 07/30/2019

    Sunrise PickleballClub is proud to announce our inaugural tournament – sponsored by the club – and being held on Saturday September 28th. This will be the very first tournament to include play on our 6 brand new courts.

    “Rush to RuschPark” is a one day tournament Mixed Doubles Only. Sign up with your partner, with whom you’ll play all day in a Round Robin Format. Each partnership MUST CONSIST of at least one member of the Sunrise PickleballClub. All proceeds from this tournament will be earmarked for the court construction fund.  Entry fees for Sunrise PickleballClub members are $35.00 and if your partner is not a member they will pay $45.00 (now might be a good time to join !!!)

    This tournament is being offered to skill levels 3.0-4.5. We are limiting entries to the first 16 teams in each division, so sign up now!! Here is the signup link: 

    Deadline for registration is September 15, 2019 and all fees must be paid in full no later than September 23.

    Don’t miss out!!! Sign up now and enjoy a day of fun and competition.

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