Join Or Renew

Why should you join the Sunrise Pickleball Club?

First and foremost, membership allows you to play at Rusch Park during our designated club drop-in times (current schedule can be found on the home page). We are a diverse and friendly group, and our 12 outdoor dedicated courts are considered the best in the region.  Your dues help fund important maintenance and facility improvements that the park district is not able budget for.

Some other benefits are:

  • Admittance to all club functions such as Round Robin Mixers, clinics, social events, parties, etc.
  • Access to lessons and clinics taught by club teaching pros.
  • Reduced registration fee for tournaments sponsored by Sunrise Recreation & Park District if you volunteer to be a tournament referee

Guest Fee

If you are a non-member wishing to play on members-only designated courts (all courts except 9&10) during club hours, there is a $10 per day guest fee.

Lifetime Memberships

For a limited time we are offering lifetime memberships again, at a price of $1,000 per person. If you would like more information on purchasing a lifetime membership, contact us.

Annual Dues

Dues are $100 per calendar year, pro-rated beginning in August.

  • January-July - $100
  • August - $80
  • September - $60
  • October-November - $40
  • December - included free with purchase of following year
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Why was it necessary to form a dues-based club at Rusch Park?

While considering construction of the original 6 dedicated pickleball courts in 2016, the Sunrise Recreation and Park District asked supporters for several things. One, they wanted players to form an official club, so that the club could help manage the courts and act as the liaison between the players and the district. Second, they asked for some financial help in the construction of the courts. A core group of 28 players contributed $2,900 towards the nets and net posts, as well as many work hours painting, gardening, and helping with repairs. Third, the park district asked the club to help run any tournaments put on by the district.

In 2018, the park district and club board worked together to secure a $10,000 grant towards the construction of 6 additional courts. However, that grant amount fell far short of the actual cost of $60,000.  Sunrise Pickleball Club members stepped up to the challenge and, by voting to increase membership dues and through many generous individual donations, raised the additional money needed.  Thus, while the park district owns the courts, the bulk of the funds used to build them was contributed by club members.

Money collected from future annual membership dues will go towards maintenance (net replacements, resurfacing every 2 years) and upgrades to the 12 courts. Dues also help pay for the administrative requirements of running the club, such as liability insurance, and for running free social and competitive events for members.  If you enjoy playing on the courts at Rusch Park, we ask for your support by becoming a member.