July 2019 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 08/01/2019

    The July 2019 Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of July 13-14.  There were 44 players in the Upper Division and 24 players in the Lower Division.

    Upper Division:

    Winners:  Lou Valdez & Tony Biondi
    Runners up:  Chuck Moy & Chris Froshaug

    Lower Division:

    Winners: Loni Ghiorso & Peter Schwartz
    Runners up: David Ghiorso & Gina Dobler

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    May 2019 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 05/17/2019

    The May 2019 Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of May 4-5.  There were 36 players in the lower division, and 48 players in the upper division.

    Upper division:

    First place:  Norm Readdy & Kim Hughes
    Second place:  Don Peters & Jim Jones

    Lower division:

    First place:  Bill Tanner & Gary Pike
    Second place:  Howard Slayton & Connie Hoetger


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    You Did It!!

    By SPC Board, 03/22/2019

    As you may or may not know, the Sunrise Park District requested our club contribute $30,000 toward the construction of the new pickleball courts. We were able to secure a $10,000 grant from the County which left $20,000 for SPC to raise. We started our fund raising campaign in the last quarter of 2018, which consisted of membership dues, donations from members and non-members, a GoFundMe campaign, a Skills & Drills clinic, and several other fund raising activities.

    Thanks to your loyal membership and donations, we just recently met our $20,000 goal. Everyone deserves a huge thank you from the SPC board and the park district board. When you see other members out on the courts be sure to thank them also for their support and generosity. Everyone has contributed to the success of this campaign. Soon we will have 6 additional new courts creating the premier outdoor pickleball facility in the Sacramento area. The plan is to build 6 courts similar to the 6 existing courts giving us a total of 12 courts. For now, the stadium court previously planned is being postponed until a later date. 

    The Sunrise Recreation and Park District Board had their board meeting on March 21 and the new courts were on the agenda. Jake, Lee, Amy and a few club members all spoke on our behalf and did a great job. The park district board unanimously approved the new courts construction so it is now official. We do not know at this time when construction will begin.

    Special thanks to Jake, Todd, and Dave of the Sunrise Recreation & Park District for their hard work in getting these new courts approved and built.

    Thank you again for your support and generosity!


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    March 2019 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 03/22/2019

    The March Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of March 16-17.  There were 36 players in the lower division, and 52 players in the upper division.

    Upper division:

    First place:  Chris Froshaug & Chris Hill
    Second place:  Kim Hughes & Mo Nard

    Lower division:

    First place:  John Stir & Richard O'Malley
    Second place:  Twee Washburn & Brad Stone



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    Skills & Drills Event a Huge Success!

    By Reine Steel, 01/30/2019

    On Sunday, January 27th the club held its first ever Skills & Drills event.  We filled to capacity with 36 players, each donating $25 or more, raising a total of $1,000 for the new courts fund!  Our call for volunteers was also enthusiastically answered by a dream team of 15 advanced level players from the club.  We had beautiful weather and a great atmosphere of happy pickleballers.

    Each of the 6 courts was set up as a different drill station - serves, returns, third shots, volleys, dinks, and lobs.  Participants formed groups of 6 and moved through each station, spending 15 minutes learning and practicing their skills, and 10 minutes competing for points in fun mini-games.  Custom-designed, pickleball-themed vinyl decals (which you'll surely starting seeing on lucky members' cars, water bottles, and paddles) were awarded as prizes.

    THANK YOU to everyone who made this event happen, especially Mo Nard for spending countless hours behind the scenes planning this event.  We were blown away by our fantastic team of volunteers, who somehow managed to feed hundreds of balls over 3 hours with smiles on their faces, while providing some great coaching tips.  You all make our club better, in more ways than one!

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