Skills & Drills with Steve and Team


    Wow...we have had a super SUCCESSFUL Advance Level Clinic, so much so that we are now offering two!

    1:00-2:00 ADVANCED Skills and Drills 4.25-5.0
    2:00-3:00 INTERMEDIATE Skills and Drills 3.75-4.0

    We can only have 24 players in each Clinic to allow for more one-one training with the PROS AND you must be signed up on to participate.

    Lastly, to participate - WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE your $5.00 donation to the “BUILD THE COURTS FUND” and thank you in advance for your support. The donation box will be at the courts.


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    SPC Ladder Play


    Ladders leagues are organized leagues in which players with relatively similar skills compete against each other in a competitive, structured and, typically, weekly format. Think of a pickleball “ladder” as a graphical representation of a player’s ranking (by skill and performance) over a period of time (10 weeks, for example). The rungs on the ladder represent a player’s current position (ranking) on the ladder relative to the other players — with the top rung of the ladder being the individual or team currently ranked the highest (the best winning percentage) and the bottom rung being the lowest- ranked individual or team.

    Times for the Ladders are as follows:

    Monday Morning - 9:00am and 10:30am

    Thursday Evening - 5:30pm and 7:00pm

    Friday Evening - 5:30pm and 7:00pm

    When emailing your ladder captain please include the following information:

    Rating: Either 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0
    Phone number:


    Teresa Brady
    Nancy Vaughn
    Gail Kenney
    Vickie Onesti
    Jenell Garcia


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    Beautification Project Under Way


    We are sprucing up our grounds!!!  Ozzie, our amazing green thumb professional, has agreed to lead the efforts.

    A big THANK YOU to all the amazing people that came out so far to volunteer their time with the park pathway clean up. None of this would have been possible without your kindness or generosity, and I really appreciate each and every one of you. It takes a village, people, and I am so thankful to be a part of this one.

    Check out for photos from Saturday morning.

    The next phase of our project includes sourcing some wood chips from a local tree trimming company. We will be receiving a LARGE supply of wood chips, and this part of the project will require a lot of people-power and possible use of extra wheelbarrows (maybe even a small pick-up truck if someone has one we can use). When we have more details and set a date for the delivery, we will send out another e-mail looking for more volunteers. Stay tuned!

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    "Rush to Rusch Park" Tournament Results


    The club would like to sincerely thank all 92 players that participated in our first tournament, as well as our tournament desk team (Reine, Steve, and Lisa), all the board members, and volunteer refs!  This was an important fundraising event for the club, raising around $3500, which will go towards paying back the park district for the new courts.  

    For the first time in Rusch Park history, all 12 courts were kept busy for nearly 6 hours, with a total of 180 games of pickleball played!  It was a fantastic sight to see so many happy players and spectators, and such fun, competitive matches at every level.

    Congratulations to our medal winners:

    3.0 Division
    Gold - Rita Weighall & Curt Clawson
    Silver - Amy Papenfuss & Mike Lynch
    Bronze - Ellise Blom & Lee Swayne

    3.5 Division
    Gold - Julie Klinger & Todd Klinger
    Silver - Twee Washburn & Chuck Moy
    Bronze - Teena Parduhn & Rick Jenkins

    4.0/4.5 Overall
    Gold - Kathy Yamamoto & Stan Fukui
    Silver - Mo Nard & Kingsley Lee
    Bronze - Joanna Kean & Richard Wise

    4.0 Only
    Gold - Mo Nard & Kingsley Lee
    Silver - Joanna Kean & Richard Wise
    Bronze - (Tie) Kelly Andrews & Jasen Ashdown / Susan O'Connell & LeRoy Weighall *

    (* We were unable to complete our 4.0 playoffs due to rain, so a tie was declared)

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    July 2019 Round Robin Mixer Results


    The July 2019 Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of July 13-14.  There were 44 players in the Upper Division and 24 players in the Lower Division.

    Upper Division:

    Winners:  Lou Valdez & Tony Biondi
    Runners up:  Chuck Moy & Chris Froshaug

    Lower Division:

    Winners: Loni Ghiorso & Peter Schwartz
    Runners up: David Ghiorso & Gina Dobler

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