Election Results for 2019 Board of Directors

    By Reine Steel, 10/24/2018

    A member vote was held at the general meetings prior to the Round Robins on October 13-14. Our new Board of Directors for 2019 was elected as follows:

    Amy Hardison-Papenfuss

    Vice President
    Gail Kenney

    Sheri Mullens

    Teresa Ward

    The Member at Large positions are remaining the same:

    Membership Director
    Dale Filbert

    IT Director
    Reine Steel

    Event Planner
    Rodney Coleman

    Past President
    Lee Swayne

    USAPA Representative
    Steve Cooper

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    USAPA Releases New Official Rulebook for 2018

    By Reine Steel, 01/16/2018

    From USAPA:

    "We are pleased to present the 2018 USAPA\IFP Official Tournament Rulebook! This revised rulebook has been 2 years in the making and is a result of countless hours from the USAPA Rules Committee and careful review by the USAPA Board of Directors."

    Click here for the complete rulebook

    Click here for a summary of only new/revised rules.

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