Updated Court Designations

    By Reine Steel, 11/12/2019

    The park district has required us to make a few small changes to our current rules:

    The public courts are now Courts 8 & 9  (no longer court 12).  These courts must be vacated if members of the public are waiting.  If used by members, Court 8 will be part of the "2 on 2 off" rotation, and Court 9 will be part of the "4 on 4 off" rotation.

    Courts 5-6 will be designated as a Beginner Courts.  These courts may be used as part of the "4 on 4 off" rotation, but must be vacated upon completion of your game if a group of beginners are waiting.


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    SPC Election Time! Vote Now!

    By Reine Steel, 10/23/2019

    Dear Members,

    It's that time of year again – time to vote on membership dues and club officers for 2020.

    In order to proceed with the results of the vote, we need at least 10% of membership to vote.  We've set up online voting this year to make things quick and easy for you – so please, take a minute to help out the club by casting your vote.  You will find the link below.

    In early 2019 the decision was made by the members of Sunrise Pickleball Club (SPC) to increase membership dues to $50 per year. This was voted on and passed by the members. This increase would last through 2019, then revert back to the original $25 per year at the start of 2020. 

    Through a generous loan of $15,000 from the park district to SPC, and the $10,000 TOT grant program (Transient Occupancy Tax) that was awarded to SPC, and the monetary donations from members and lifetime members, our six new courts became a reality in September 2019. The cost of those courts was $52,000 plus $8,000 labor = $60,000.

    We have already paid back $4,000 of the $15,000 which leaves us with a remaining balance of $11,000. But, if the dues rate reverts back to the original $25, that amount will not support the remaining park loan amount or the following: concrete walkways around the new courts...$6,000, new LED lighting for night play...$14,000, and resurfacing cost for six courts... $6,000. This adds up to $37,000. This is the reason the SPC board is recommending that the $50 per year dues rate be kept in place. This amount breaks down to $4.17 per month per member. If 400 members pay dues of $25 per year, the total dues income is $10,000. If it remains at $50, the total dues income is $20,000. As you can see, we will not be able to pay our bills if the dues rate reverts back to $25 per year.

    In addition, any SPC Club Tournaments that raise money will be added to the club account to help pay for insurance and other bills.

    Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

    Cast your vote here:



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    New Court Rotation Rules

    By Reine Steel, 08/22/2019

    Last month we held an open board meeting to discuss how the 12 courts could best be utilized by our members.  We had a great turnout with many members expressing diverse opinions and experiences.  After careful consideration, the board approved the following court rotation rules, which will go into effect this Sunday, August 25th.  It is very important that everyone read and understand the new court rules which will apply during all club hours – Sunday-Friday, 7am-12pm and 5pm-10pm.

    PLEASE SEE BELOW DIAGRAM as the court numbers have changed!


    Courts 1-3, 7-9  (the original six courts) will follow a "2 on 2 off" rotation at all times.  Winners stay and split.  This will allow players who come as individuals to easily get into the mix.

    Courts 5-6, 10-12  (on the new courts) will follow a "4 on 4 off" rotation at all times.  This will allow you to arrange your own foursomes.

    Court 4 (on the new courts) is the Challenge Court.  2 on 2 off, with winners staying together.  Winners no longer need to come off after 3 consecutive wins.

    Courts 9 & 12 are designated as Public Courts.  This is being required by the park district and it is important we honor this new policy.  These courts are available to non-members, and must be vacated upon completion of your game if members of the public are waiting to use it, even during club hours.  If no members of the public are waiting, then these courts will be used as part of the general rotation on their respective sides. Please be aware that the club cannot require that the general public follow our rotational rules.

    We will have separate white boards for each set of 6 courts.  Sign up with 2 names to a box on the original courts, and 4 names to a box on the new courts.  Hang paddles for Challenge Court.

    If you have any questions, contact us.  Please try out the new system over the next few weeks, and then let us know your feedback.  We are open to continually refining things in order to best serve our membership and maximize enjoyment of the 12 courts.

    Thank you!

    SPC Board

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    Election Results for 2019 Board of Directors

    By Reine Steel, 10/24/2018

    A member vote was held at the general meetings prior to the Round Robins on October 13-14. Our new Board of Directors for 2019 was elected as follows:

    Amy Hardison-Papenfuss

    Vice President
    Gail Kenney

    Sheri Mullens

    Teresa Ward

    The Member at Large positions are remaining the same:

    Membership Director
    Dale Filbert

    IT Director
    Reine Steel

    Event Planner
    Rodney Coleman

    Past President
    Lee Swayne

    USAPA Representative
    Steve Cooper

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    USAPA Releases New Official Rulebook for 2018

    By Reine Steel, 01/16/2018

    From USAPA:

    "We are pleased to present the 2018 USAPA\IFP Official Tournament Rulebook! This revised rulebook has been 2 years in the making and is a result of countless hours from the USAPA Rules Committee and careful review by the USAPA Board of Directors."

    Click here for the complete rulebook

    Click here for a summary of only new/revised rules.

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