Courts Closed Due to Shelter in Place Order


    The pickleball courts at Rusch Park are currently closed. Sacramento County and the State of California have issued Shelter in Place orders. The County order, which requires all public park amenties to remain closed, is set to expire May 1st, but may be extended.

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    Court Construction & New Club Hours


    Construction on the 6 new pickleball courts has begun. The tennis nets are down and surface preparation has begun. We do not have a completion date but as construction progresses we will keep you informed.

    We also have some additional big news. Because of the club's effort to fund the new courts, the Sunrise Recreation and Park District has increased the hours for club play. In addition to the current club hours in the morning 6 days each week, club hours will now include night time hours 6 days each week from 5pm to 10pm. What this means is during these club hours the club can set the court rules and in order to use the courts during club hours you must be a member of the club. Club membership is strong with 310 total members. Your loyalty to the club and support for building the new courts has been fantastic and greatly appreciated.

    Here is a summary of club hours at Rusch Park:

    Sunday thru Friday - 7AM to 12PM

    Sunday thru Friday - 5PM to 10PM

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    2nd Annual Sunrise Spring Smash Results


    Another hugely successful tournament was run by our own Sunrise Recreation and Park District May 18-20, at Rusch Park. Our amazing club members showed up in full force, capturing more hardware this tournament than ever before! For more tournament photos, click here.

    Congratulations to the following members for their medal-winning performances!

    Brian Guzman won gold in Mens Singles 4.0

    Rocco Radogna won bronze in Mens Singles 3.0

    Mark Attwood (with Cam Martin) won gold in Mens Doubles 4.5

    David Pelton (with David Harcus) won gold in Mens Doubles 4.0B

    Rocco Radogna (with Johnny Whitelaw) won gold in Mens Doubles 3.0

    Aaron Boren and Brett Stephens won silver in Mens Doubles 4.0A

    Peter Jordan (with Dan Busch) won silver in Mens Doubles 3.5B

    Bob Hansen and Edward Musgrave won bronze in Mens Doubles 3.0

    Robyn Penwell (with Jim Stapleton) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Judy Musgrave (with Roland Lee) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Rocco Radogna (with Nancy Maes) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Robin Haney and Mark Attwood won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Kathy Yamamoto and Richard Wise won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.0A

    Rick Close (with Maureen Wilson) won silver  in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Sheri Mullins and Michael Dandeneau won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Andrea Mayorga and Marteen Gonzalez won bronze in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Laurie Lozano and Howie Favichia  won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.5A

    Maureen Sharpe (with Mark Nives) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Carol Nakao (with Ed Boes) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.5C

    Gail Markovich and Bill Gunning won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Reine Steel won gold in Womens Singles 4.0

    Mo Nard won bronze in Womens Singles 4.0

    Kathy Yamamoto (with Joanna Kean) won gold in Womens Doubles 4.0/4.5

    Gail Markovich and Sheri Mullins won gold in Womens Doubles 3.0

    Judy Chatwin and Paula Hart won silver in Womens Doubles 3.5B

    Mo Nard and Julie Trujillo won bronze in Womens Doubles 4.0/4.5

    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5B

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    2nd Annual Sunrise Fall Classic Results


    Sunrise Recreation and Park District continues to make a name for itself with its two highly successful annual tournaments. This year's fall tournament drew nearly 220 competitors, with many brackets filling up several weeks in advance.  Men's singles was offered for the first time in our area.  (Maybe women's singles will be next?) With so many different events, the start times had to be staggered throughout the day, with some matches continuing into the evening. What a wonderful sight to see our Rusch Park courts continuously filled with incredibly fun to watch, competitive matches, all weekend long!  We had several SPC members medal in their brackets. Congratulations to the following members for their clearly hard-fought victories!

    Lydia Brambila (with Cam Martin) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.0/4.5 Overall
    Brian Guzman won silver in Mens Singles 3.5 A
    Michelle Daniels (with Kyle Daniels) won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0 A
    Val Graden (with David Pelton) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 4.0/4.5 4.0 Group
    Reine Steel and Laurie Lozano won bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5A 
    Ed Boes (with Rich Waters) won bronze in Mens Doubles 3.5 C
    Gary Pike (with Danessa Udy) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.0 A  

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