News Story Filmed at Rusch Park Courts

    By Reine Steel, 05/14/2019

    In June of 2018, journalism student Marci Phillips came out to Rusch Park to shoot video of the swim team. She instead ended up doing a story about pickleball.  Check out her completed video below – you may recognize some familiar faces!

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    You Did It!!

    By SPC Board, 03/22/2019

    As you may or may not know, the Sunrise Park District requested our club contribute $30,000 toward the construction of the new pickleball courts. We were able to secure a $10,000 grant from the County which left $20,000 for SPC to raise. We started our fund raising campaign in the last quarter of 2018, which consisted of membership dues, donations from members and non-members, a GoFundMe campaign, a Skills & Drills clinic, and several other fund raising activities.

    Thanks to your loyal membership and donations, we just recently met our $20,000 goal. Everyone deserves a huge thank you from the SPC board and the park district board. When you see other members out on the courts be sure to thank them also for their support and generosity. Everyone has contributed to the success of this campaign. Soon we will have 6 additional new courts creating the premier outdoor pickleball facility in the Sacramento area. The plan is to build 6 courts similar to the 6 existing courts giving us a total of 12 courts. For now, the stadium court previously planned is being postponed until a later date. 

    The Sunrise Recreation and Park District Board had their board meeting on March 21 and the new courts were on the agenda. Jake, Lee, Amy and a few club members all spoke on our behalf and did a great job. The park district board unanimously approved the new courts construction so it is now official. We do not know at this time when construction will begin.

    Special thanks to Jake, Todd, and Dave of the Sunrise Recreation & Park District for their hard work in getting these new courts approved and built.

    Thank you again for your support and generosity!


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    Election Results for 2019 Board of Directors

    By Reine Steel, 10/24/2018

    A member vote was held at the general meetings prior to the Round Robins on October 13-14. Our new Board of Directors for 2019 was elected as follows:

    Amy Hardison-Papenfuss

    Vice President
    Gail Kenney

    Sheri Mullens

    Teresa Ward

    The Member at Large positions are remaining the same:

    Membership Director
    Dale Filbert

    IT Director
    Reine Steel

    Event Planner
    Rodney Coleman

    Past President
    Lee Swayne

    USAPA Representative
    Steve Cooper

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    2018 Pickleball Zone Bend Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 08/27/2018

    Congratulations to the following members for winning medals at the Pickleball Zone tournament in Bend, Oregon. This was a huge USAPA regional tournament with over 460 competitors. Thanks for making our club proud!

    Mark Attwood (with Jo Ellen Southerland) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.5:60+

    David Pelton (with Kevin Schmalz) won gold in Mens Doubles 4.0:50+

    Norm Readdy and Tom Bartley won silver in Mens Doubles 3.5:70+

    Joyce May (with Michael Luevano) won silver in Mixed Doubles 5.0:65+,70+

    Joanna Kean and David Pelton won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.0:50+

    Lynn Fraser and Craig Fraser won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.0:70+,75+

    Robyn Penwell and Jennifer Fritz won silver in Women's Doubles 4.0:19+,35+

    Barb Bartley and Anita Readdy won bronze in Womens Doubles 4.0:65+,70+

    Homer McCracken (with Alex Spinos) won bronze in Men's Doubles 4.0:70+,75+,80+

    Connie Chambas and Sue Biller won silver in Women's Doubles 3.5:65+,70+


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    2018 Engage Golden State Championships Results

    By Reine Steel, 08/09/2018

    The 2nd annual Golden State Championships were held July 27-29 at Willow Pass Community Park in Concord, California.  Over 550 players from all over the country signed up for this USAPA sanctioned event. Congratulations to the following members for winning medals in this very tough tournament!

    Barbara Wise (with Michael Smith) won gold in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.5:50+,65+ 4.5:50+

    Samantha Martinez (with Kimmie Lee) won gold in Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:35+

    Edward Musgrave  (with Jules Guy) won gold in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:65+

    Duane Chinnow (with Bobbye Young-Mauchly) won silver in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:50+

    Judy Musgrave and Connie Chambas won silver in Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:65+

    Samantha Martinez (with Jason Mayer) won silver in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:19+

    Mo Nard (with Chris Mayberry) won bronze in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:35+

    Kathy Yamamoto and Richard Wise won bronze in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:50+

    Craig Fraser (with Karen Suiker) won bronze in Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:65+

    Duane Chinnow (with Michael Bettencourt) won bronze in Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:50+

    Gail Markovich (with Nova Grande) won bronze in Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:19+,35+ 3.5:35+

    Chris Marovich (with Michael Marovich) won bronze in Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:19+

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