Pickleball 101 Every Saturday Morning!

    By Amy Hardison-Papenfuss, 11/19/2019

    Our Pickleball 101 sessions have been a HUGE success!

    Every Saturday morning at 8:00am on courts 5 and 6, the public is welcome to join us for a FREE beginner clinic. Learn how to play the fastest growing sport in America!  Experienced players will be on hand to help you learn the ropes. You'll be playing your first real games in no time. Newer players who just want to practice in a low pressure environment are also welcome to join the fun.

    We will provide paddles and balls. Wear comfortable court shoes and bring water. 

    Register on PlayTime Scheduler or text Amy at 916.474.0831 for more information.


    November 2019 Round Robin Results

    By Reine Steel, 11/19/2019

    With double the courts, we are now able to accommodate up to 96 players in each Round Robin division!  Pre-registration is no longer required – simply show up and play!

    We used a new format which assigned matches randomly using a deck of cards. Each player was dealt a card at the start of each round. The number on the card was their court number.  Hearts & Diamonds were teammates and Clubs & Spades were teammates.  Black team served first; red team chose side.

    Each round of play was 10-12 minutes. Instead of stopping at 11, players tried to win as many points as they could in that time!  We played for 6 rounds.

    All players were given a scoresheet and tracked their own scores.  On Saturday, the top 4 players (by total points) went into a playoff game to determine winners and runner ups.  On Sunday, we decided to have separate finals for men and women in order to make things more interesting.

    Here were the results:

    Upper Division Men
    Winners: John House & Janus Klecki
    Runners up: Robert Beanland & Kingsley Lee

    Upper Division Women

    Winners: Kathy Yamamoto & Val Graden
    Runners up: Sue O’Connell & Julie Rathbone

    Lower Division
    Winners: Wade Nonnenberg & Max Kennegott
    Runners up: Tom Bylsma & Ken Barton

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    Updated Court Designations

    By Reine Steel, 11/12/2019

    The park district has required us to make a few small changes to our current rules:

    The public courts are now Courts 8 & 9  (no longer court 12).  These courts must be vacated if members of the public are waiting.  If used by members, Court 8 will be part of the "2 on 2 off" rotation, and Court 9 will be part of the "4 on 4 off" rotation.

    Courts 5-6 will be designated as a Beginner Courts.  These courts may be used as part of the "4 on 4 off" rotation, but must be vacated upon completion of your game if a group of beginners are waiting.


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    SPC Election Time! Vote Now!

    By Reine Steel, 10/23/2019

    Dear Members,

    It's that time of year again – time to vote on membership dues and club officers for 2020.

    In order to proceed with the results of the vote, we need at least 10% of membership to vote.  We've set up online voting this year to make things quick and easy for you – so please, take a minute to help out the club by casting your vote.  You will find the link below.

    In early 2019 the decision was made by the members of Sunrise Pickleball Club (SPC) to increase membership dues to $50 per year. This was voted on and passed by the members. This increase would last through 2019, then revert back to the original $25 per year at the start of 2020. 

    Through a generous loan of $15,000 from the park district to SPC, and the $10,000 TOT grant program (Transient Occupancy Tax) that was awarded to SPC, and the monetary donations from members and lifetime members, our six new courts became a reality in September 2019. The cost of those courts was $52,000 plus $8,000 labor = $60,000.

    We have already paid back $4,000 of the $15,000 which leaves us with a remaining balance of $11,000. But, if the dues rate reverts back to the original $25, that amount will not support the remaining park loan amount or the following: concrete walkways around the new courts...$6,000, new LED lighting for night play...$14,000, and resurfacing cost for six courts... $6,000. This adds up to $37,000. This is the reason the SPC board is recommending that the $50 per year dues rate be kept in place. This amount breaks down to $4.17 per month per member. If 400 members pay dues of $25 per year, the total dues income is $10,000. If it remains at $50, the total dues income is $20,000. As you can see, we will not be able to pay our bills if the dues rate reverts back to $25 per year.

    In addition, any SPC Club Tournaments that raise money will be added to the club account to help pay for insurance and other bills.

    Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

    Cast your vote here:



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    "Rush to Rusch Park" Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 09/30/2019

    The club would like to sincerely thank all 92 players that participated in our first tournament, as well as our tournament desk team (Reine, Steve, and Lisa), all the board members, and volunteer refs!  This was an important fundraising event for the club, raising around $3500, which will go towards paying back the park district for the new courts.  

    For the first time in Rusch Park history, all 12 courts were kept busy for nearly 6 hours, with a total of 180 games of pickleball played!  It was a fantastic sight to see so many happy players and spectators, and such fun, competitive matches at every level.

    Congratulations to our medal winners:

    3.0 Division
    Gold - Rita Weighall & Curt Clawson
    Silver - Amy Papenfuss & Mike Lynch
    Bronze - Ellise Blom & Lee Swayne

    3.5 Division
    Gold - Julie Klinger & Todd Klinger
    Silver - Twee Washburn & Chuck Moy
    Bronze - Teena Parduhn & Rick Jenkins

    4.0/4.5 Overall
    Gold - Kathy Yamamoto & Stan Fukui
    Silver - Mo Nard & Kingsley Lee
    Bronze - Joanna Kean & Richard Wise

    4.0 Only
    Gold - Mo Nard & Kingsley Lee
    Silver - Joanna Kean & Richard Wise
    Bronze - (Tie) Kelly Andrews & Jasen Ashdown / Susan O'Connell & LeRoy Weighall *

    (* We were unable to complete our 4.0 playoffs due to rain, so a tie was declared)

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