Fall Brawl 2017 Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 10/16/2017

    The annual Fall Brawl tournament in St. George, Utah, was held October 10-14 at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex.  This was a huge tournament, with over 700 players from all over the country competing in over 1,300 matches!  A number of Sunrise Pickleball Club members traveled to compete.  Major kudos to the following members for their impressive wins!

    Joyce May and Michael  Luevano won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.5 65-69

    Joyce May (with Vicki Sharp) won gold in Womens Doubles 4.5 60+

    Kathy Yamamoto and Charlie Garcia won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.5 55-59

    Connie Chambas (with Janice Mittelstaedt) won gold in Womens Doubles 3.0 65-69

    Kathy Yamamoto (with Lori Tokutomi) won bronze in Womens Doubles 4.0 55-59

    Charlie Garcia (with Robo Pearson) won silver in Mens Doubles 3.5 50-59

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    September 2017 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 09/17/2017

    Our third quarterly Round Robin Mixer was held on Saturday, September 16th, 2017.  We tried something new this time and split players into two skill divisions: Intermediate (2.5-3.0) and Advanced (3.5-4.0).  We ended up with 20 players in the lower division, and 28 players in the upper division.  After 6 rounds of fun and competitive play, the top 2 players in each division were named as follows:

    Intermediate:  Rodney Coleman & Connie Chambas

    Advanced:  Greg Giles & Kathy Yamamoto

    To determine first and second place winners, we then paired these players up (one from each division per team) and had a Finals match consisting of a single game to 15.  In the end, Connie and Greg triumphed and claimed their first place prizes of $20 restaurant gift cards.  Kathy and Rodney went home with $10 gift cards to Mr. Pickles and the satisfaction of knowing they were at the top of their respective divisions.

    After the winners were declared, members enjoyed a BBQ picnic lunch courtesy of the club.  Chef Rodney, the club's Event Planner, not only kicked butt on the court that day but was responsible for putting together this delicious lunch (with help from Jackie of course).  Thank you Rodney-  I bet you slept well that night!  And thank you to the rest of the board for your time spent putting together this fantastic event.

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    Endless Summer Classic Results

    By Reine Steel, 09/01/2017

    The 2nd Annual Endless Summer Classic tournament was held August 25-27 at the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation in Elk Grove.  The following SPC members won medals in their divisions – congrats and thanks for representing our club so wonderfully!

    Kathy Yamamoto and Barbara Wise won gold in Women's Advanced Doubles

    Robbin Maloney (with Jay Maloney) won silver in Mixed Advanced Doubles

    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won silver in Women's Intermediate Doubles

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    Golden State Championships Results

    By Reine Steel, 08/22/2017

    The Golden State Championships were held August 18-20 at Willow Pass Park Pickleball Complex in Concord, California. This was the first annual event in the Bay Area hosted by Jordan Briones "The Pickleball Coach" & Family. Over 240 players competed in 16 skill level divisions. Be sure to congratulate the following members next time you see them!

    Kathy Yamamoto and Charlie Garcia won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.5

    Lydia Brambila (with Cam Martin) won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Lisa Finato (with Jeanne Baeta) won bronze in Womens Doubles 3.0

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    CourtSide Firecracker Frenzy Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 07/27/2017

    CourtSide held their Firecracker Frenzy Tournament 2 in Rocklin from July 1-3.  Congratulations to the following SPC members who earned medals in their events:

    Dean Widman (with Chris Mayberry) won gold in Men's Doubles 4.5

    Joyce May (with Andrea Mayorga) won gold in Women's Doubles 4.5

    Robbin Maloney (with Howard Parsons) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.0

    Robyn Penwell and Jennifer Fritz won gold in Women's Doubles 4.0

    Reine Steel and Victoria C. won silver in Women's Doubles 3.5

    Mike Martin (with Maria Brooks) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Heman Lee (with Jeanie Fong) won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Mike Martin (with John Martinez) won bronze in Men's Doubles 3.0

    Michelle Daniels (with Kevin Daniels) won gold in Mixed Doubles Beginner/Novice


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