2nd Annual Sunrise Fall Classic Results

    By Reine Steel, 10/31/2017

    Sunrise Recreation and Park District continues to make a name for itself with its two highly successful annual tournaments. This year's fall tournament drew nearly 220 competitors, with many brackets filling up several weeks in advance.  Men's singles was offered for the first time in our area.  (Maybe women's singles will be next?) With so many different events, the start times had to be staggered throughout the day, with some matches continuing into the evening. What a wonderful sight to see our Rusch Park courts continuously filled with incredibly fun to watch, competitive matches, all weekend long!  We had several SPC members medal in their brackets. Congratulations to the following members for their clearly hard-fought victories!

    Lydia Brambila (with Cam Martin) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.0/4.5 Overall
    Brian Guzman won silver in Mens Singles 3.5 A
    Michelle Daniels (with Kyle Daniels) won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0 A
    Val Graden (with David Pelton) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 4.0/4.5 4.0 Group
    Reine Steel and Laurie Lozano won bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5A 
    Ed Boes (with Rich Waters) won bronze in Mens Doubles 3.5 C
    Gary Pike (with Danessa Udy) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.0 A  

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    2017 Huntsman World Senior Games Results

    By Reine Steel, 10/26/2017

    The Huntsman World Senior Games is the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for athletes 50 and over.  PIckleball was one of 30 sports featured, and alone drew over 770 competitors.  Congratulations to the following Sunrise Pickleball Club members, whom we are thrilled to have represent our club on the international scene!

    Joyce May and Michael Luevano won gold in Mixed Doubles 65-69 B
    Joyce May (with Audrey Phillips) won gold in Womens Skill Doubles 4.5:65+
    Jeff Greenhoe and Charlie Garcia won silver in Men's Doubles 55-59 D
    Barbara Wise (with Mark Attwood) won silver in Mixed Doubles 60-64 B      
    Lynn Fraser and Judy Chatwin won silver in Women's Doubles 70-74
    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won bronze in Women's Doubles 70-74
    Claire Norton (with Margo Dragoo) won bronze in Women's Doubles 75-79  
    Anita Readdy and Paula Hart won bronze in Women's Doubles 60-64 C
    Anita Readdy and Michael Irwin won bronze in Mixed Doubles 65-69 D   
    Barbara Wise won bronze in Women's Singles 60-64
    Norm Readdy (with Kelly Painter) won bronze in Men's Doubles 65-69 C
    Norm Readdy (with Kelly Painter) won bronze in Men's Skill Doubles 3.5:65+

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    Fall Brawl 2017 Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 10/16/2017

    The annual Fall Brawl tournament in St. George, Utah, was held October 10-14 at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex.  This was a huge tournament, with over 700 players from all over the country competing in over 1,300 matches!  A number of Sunrise Pickleball Club members traveled to compete.  Major kudos to the following members for their impressive wins!

    Joyce May and Michael  Luevano won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.5 65-69

    Joyce May (with Vicki Sharp) won gold in Womens Doubles 4.5 60+

    Kathy Yamamoto and Charlie Garcia won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.5 55-59

    Connie Chambas (with Janice Mittelstaedt) won gold in Womens Doubles 3.0 65-69

    Kathy Yamamoto (with Lori Tokutomi) won bronze in Womens Doubles 4.0 55-59

    Charlie Garcia (with Robo Pearson) won silver in Mens Doubles 3.5 50-59

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    September 2017 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 09/17/2017

    Our third quarterly Round Robin Mixer was held on Saturday, September 16th, 2017.  We tried something new this time and split players into two skill divisions: Intermediate (2.5-3.0) and Advanced (3.5-4.0).  We ended up with 20 players in the lower division, and 28 players in the upper division.  After 6 rounds of fun and competitive play, the top 2 players in each division were named as follows:

    Intermediate:  Rodney Coleman & Connie Chambas

    Advanced:  Greg Giles & Kathy Yamamoto

    To determine first and second place winners, we then paired these players up (one from each division per team) and had a Finals match consisting of a single game to 15.  In the end, Connie and Greg triumphed and claimed their first place prizes of $20 restaurant gift cards.  Kathy and Rodney went home with $10 gift cards to Mr. Pickles and the satisfaction of knowing they were at the top of their respective divisions.

    After the winners were declared, members enjoyed a BBQ picnic lunch courtesy of the club.  Chef Rodney, the club's Event Planner, not only kicked butt on the court that day but was responsible for putting together this delicious lunch (with help from Jackie of course).  Thank you Rodney-  I bet you slept well that night!  And thank you to the rest of the board for your time spent putting together this fantastic event.

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    New Court Signage

    By Reine Steel, 09/10/2017

    Next time you're at the courts check out the brand new permanent signage installed by the club. We recently had two metal signs printed outlining our court rules and procedures.  We also replaced the paper court numbers with  hand-made metal signs, and labeled Court #4 as the Challenge Court and Court #6 as the Beginner's Court.  On the north side fence, you will also find a new Pickleball Central banner with our club's discount code.  Thanks to our President Lee Swayne, Ambassador Steve Cooper, and Judie Cooper for creating and hanging these great looking signs.

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