Important Club Updates - November 2018

    By Dale Filbert, 11/08/2018

    Sunrise Pickleball Club now has 401 members for 2018! 

    The club Board Of Directors(BOD) thanks everyone for your tremendous support over the last couple of years. Without your support we would not be able to provide the round robins that are free to members, the shade screen along the East fence, and the court resurfacing that was completed in 2018, etc. We hope you continue to support the club in 2019 as we have some exciting things planned for next year. 

    Meet Your 2019 Elected Board Of Directors

    At the last membership meeting, the following members were elected to serve on the club board for 2019:

    President - Amy Hardison-Papenfuss

    Vice President - Gail Kenney

    Secretary - Sheri Mullins

    Treasurer - Teresa Ward 

    As many of you know, the big plan for 2019 is to build 5 new courts next to the existing 6 courts. The current plan is for 4 courts similar to the 6 we now have along with 1 stadium court with bleacher seating. All 5 new courts will be north/south facing like the current 6. Also, if funds can be secured, we would like to move the net posts on the existing 6 courts so they are 12 inches from the sideline instead of the current 20 inches.  Click here to see a drawing of the proposed new courts. Building the courts is not cheap but the board has a plan to raise the $20,000 to go along with the $10,000 county grant money. Below are some of the steps planned or in progress to raise the needed $30,000.

    Grant Money - Lee Swayne, Steve Cooper, and Jake Polito worked long and hard on a proposal to Sacramento County for a non profit grant. Lee heard recently from County Supervisor Sue Frost that the club will be getting a county grant of $10,000 to help build the courts. But we have to use it or lose it by September of next year.

    Fund Raising - We have several new board members who will be leading the club next year. Amy, Gail, and Sheri have many fund raising ideas that you will be hearing about during the coming year. One was hosting a club snack bar at the last Fall Classic tournament sponsored by SRPD. Close to $1,000 was raised and they plan to do the same at all the future tournaments at Rusch Park. They have other exciting fund raising events in the planning stage. If you would like to help out with fundraising efforts please reach out to any board member or send an email to the club's email address.

    GoFundMe - An email was sent out last month detailing our GoFundMe account. Hopefully everyone read that email. We are counting on the GoFundMe to provide a significant portion of the needed new court funds. To date, $794 has been donated towards our "build the new courts" fund so we have a long way to go. For more details regarding the GoFundMe campaign or to donate to the campaign Click Here

    LifeTime Memberships - At the last club board meeting it was decided to offer SPC lifetime memberships for $500 per membership. You will be a club member forever and never have to pay a yearly dues again. These will be available starting in 2019.

    Club Dues - At the last membership meeting, members unanimously voted to support an increase in yearly dues for 2019 only to $50 to help raise money for the new courts. On Oct 5, the club board voted to increase the yearly membership dues for 2019 to $50 per individual and also eliminate the family membership. Member's children under 18 can play for free and must be accompanied by an adult during club hours. These changes will take effect on Jan 1, 2019.

    Sunrise Park District - In addition to some financial help, the Sunrise Park District will provide much of the labor to construct the new courts as they did for the 6 existing courts. 

    To clarify something that has come up several times recently, the instructional clinics conducted at Rusch Park by Doug Koch and other out of the area instructors are not connected to our club in any way. The Sunrise Park District rents out the courts for these events and they receive all the money generated by these events. The park district also sponsors the Fall Classic and Spring Smash tournaments and they receive all the money from these events. However, your club will be running the snack bar at these tournaments in the future and will receive any profits generated.

    We continue to collect many items left at the courts. Clothing, water bottles, and chairs, etc. Be sure to place your name and phone number on all your items you bring to the courts so we can contact you. If you do leave something at the courts, go to our club website and click on "Contact" to send us an email describing the item you left behind.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Sunrise Pickleball Club and see you on the courts!

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    Fundraising for More Courts at Rusch Park

    By Amy, Lisa and Gail, 10/29/2018

    As many of you know, our club has been working diligently to raise funds for our new courts.  Thanks to Jake, Steve, and Lee, we have secured a grant that will help greatly in reaching our goal.  However, we are not there yet.  We will continue our fundraising efforts through snack bars, round robins, etc., business as usual, but, we have also set up a Gofundme account.  For those of you not familiar with Gofundme, it's a very simple, streamlined way to donate to a cause.  Our cause is to get those darn courts built!  Membership is growing in leaps and bounds and we will need more courts in the very near future.  So we're hoping we can count on the generosity of our members to help get us there. Although we would be forever grateful for your contribution, this is strictly a voluntary donation and not mandatory in any way.  To donate through Gofundme, just click on any link and it will walk you through the process of choosing your donation amount and payment information.

    Of course, if you would prefer to donate by check, that would be great too.  Just make your check payable to: Sunrise Pickleball Club

    Mailing Address: PO Box 1201  Citrus Heights, CA. 95611

    Any contribution, small or large, would be very much appreciated and every dollar gets us that much closer to our four brand new courts and grand stadium!  So please, invest in your club, community and health, together we can get this done.  Also, please share our Gofundme link with family, friends and on social media, thanks everyone and see you on the courts!

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    Thank you Paddletek!

    By Reine Steel, 10/18/2018

    A special thank you to Paddletek for donating some awesome Bantam TS-5 paddles as our Round Robin Raffles grand prizes this month!  We have now raised $1395 for the Gene Ahner Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to qualifying families so their kids can participate in the many programs offered through the Sunrise Recreation & Park District.  Bob Hansen and Larry Hawe were the lucky winners!  Thanks to Amber Lao as well for securing these donations for us, and all the members who bought raffle tickets.

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    June 2018 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 07/11/2018

    The club's summer Round Robin Mixers were held the weekend of June 23-24.  This was our first time splitting the upper and lower divisions across two days, so that more members could have an opportunity to compete. We ended up with 36 players in the lower division, and 48 players in the upper division.

    Due to the new format, we were able to take the top 4 players by points, rather than just the top 2. This gave players who were not undefeated a chance of reaching the final, making play more competitive for the duration of the 6 rounds. We ended up with two exciting finals matches:

    Upper division:

    First place:  Norm Readdy & John Sharpe
    Second place:  Jim Kiley & Mike Kelly

    Lower division:

    First place:  Lee Swayne & Amy Papenfuss
    Second place:  Ed Musgrave & Barbara Treichak

    In addition to the tournament, the club held a raffle each day with proceeds benefiting the benefit the Gene Ahner Scholarship Fund.  The Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to qualifying families, allowing their kids to participate in programs offered through the Sunrise Recreation and Park District.  The prize for each raffle was a Champion 2.0 graphite paddle and 3 Dura-Fast balls.  Allison Campbell and Mike Kelly were the lucky winners, while the club managed to raise $490 for the scholarship fund! THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the raffle and contributed to this very worthy cause.


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    Court Improvements Coming This Spring

    By Reine Steel, 02/12/2018

    The SPC board has voted to split the cost of court resurfacing/repainting with the park district.  All six existing courts will be resurfaced, and the large crack running through courts 2 & 5 will be repaired.  The park district hopes to do this some time in April.  The SPC board also voted to replace the stolen windscreen by the Challenge Court.  The park believes that the person responsible for taking the previous windscreen was caught.

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