2018 Sonoma Wine Country Games Results

    By Reine Steel, 06/19/2018

    The Pickleball competition at the  2018 Sonoma Wine Country Games was held June 8-10 at Finley Center in Santa Rosa, California. Congratulations to the following members for medaling in their divisions:

    Julie Trujillo (with Jim Stapleton) won gold in Mixed Doubles 50-59:5.0/4.5 Overall

    Judy Musgrave (with Roland Lee) won gold in Mixed Doubles 65-69:4.0/3.5

    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won gold in Womens Doubles 70-79:4.0/3.5/3.0 Overall

    Mark Attwood (with Doug Covert) won silver in Mens Doubles 55-69:5.0/4.5 age 60-64

    Andrea Mayorga (with Michael Forscheimer) won silver in Mixed Doubles 60-69:5.0/4.5 age 60-64

    Joyce May (with Michael Luevano) won silver in Mixed Doubles 60-69:5.0/4.5 age 65-69

    Robbin Maloney (with Howard Parsons) won silver in Mixed Doubles 50-59:4.0: age 50-54

    Julie Trujillo (with Beth Black) won silver in Womens Doubles 50-59:4.0/3.5 age 55-59

    Bonnie Jenkins-Close (with John Pacholski) won silver in Mixed Doubles 50-69:3.0 Overall

    Joyce May (with Darlene Walker) won bronze in Womens Doubles 5.0-69: 5.0/4.5 Overall

    Claire Norton (with Addie Mattox) won bronze in Womens Doubles 70-79:4.0/3.5/3.0 Overall

    Ed Musgrave (with Jackie Sanchez) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 50-69:3.0 Overall

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    2nd Annual Sunrise Spring Smash Results

    By Reine Steel, 05/22/2018

    Another hugely successful tournament was run by our own Sunrise Recreation and Park District May 18-20, at Rusch Park. Our amazing club members showed up in full force, capturing more hardware this tournament than ever before! For more tournament photos, click here.

    Congratulations to the following members for their medal-winning performances!

    Brian Guzman won gold in Mens Singles 4.0

    Rocco Radogna won bronze in Mens Singles 3.0

    Mark Attwood (with Cam Martin) won gold in Mens Doubles 4.5

    David Pelton (with David Harcus) won gold in Mens Doubles 4.0B

    Rocco Radogna (with Johnny Whitelaw) won gold in Mens Doubles 3.0

    Aaron Boren and Brett Stephens won silver in Mens Doubles 4.0A

    Peter Jordan (with Dan Busch) won silver in Mens Doubles 3.5B

    Bob Hansen and Edward Musgrave won bronze in Mens Doubles 3.0

    Robyn Penwell (with Jim Stapleton) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Judy Musgrave (with Roland Lee) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Rocco Radogna (with Nancy Maes) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Robin Haney and Mark Attwood won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Kathy Yamamoto and Richard Wise won silver in Mixed Doubles 4.0A

    Rick Close (with Maureen Wilson) won silver  in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Sheri Mullins and Michael Dandeneau won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Andrea Mayorga and Marteen Gonzalez won bronze in Mixed Doubles 4.5

    Laurie Lozano and Howie Favichia  won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.5A

    Maureen Sharpe (with Mark Nives) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.5B

    Carol Nakao (with Ed Boes) won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.5C

    Gail Markovich and Bill Gunning won bronze in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Reine Steel won gold in Womens Singles 4.0

    Mo Nard won bronze in Womens Singles 4.0

    Kathy Yamamoto (with Joanna Kean) won gold in Womens Doubles 4.0/4.5

    Gail Markovich and Sheri Mullins won gold in Womens Doubles 3.0

    Judy Chatwin and Paula Hart won silver in Womens Doubles 3.5B

    Mo Nard and Julie Trujillo won bronze in Womens Doubles 4.0/4.5

    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5B

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    2nd Annual Wine Country Classic Results

    By Reine Steel, 05/03/2018

    The 2nd Annual Wine Country Classic took place in Paso Robles, California, on April 28-29.  Newly sanctioned this year, the tournament is the largest on the Central Coast, with over 280 participants.  Congratulations to the following members who earned medals in their divisions.

    Robyn Penwell and Jennifer Fritz won gold in Womens Doubles 8+,35+:4.0 35+

    Julie Trujillo (with Peter Herrera) won gold in Mixed Doubles 8+35+:4.0 8+

    Jack Hagler (with Michael Zury) won gold in Mens Doubles 8+,35+,50+:3.5 35+

    Reine Steel and Laurie Lozano won gold in Womens Doubles 8+35+50+60+3.5 (ALL) 8+

    Bob Hansen (with Dale Higham) won silver in Mens Doubles 50+,60+,70+:3.0 50+

    Julie Trujillo  and Mo Nard won silver in Womens Doubles ALL 5.0 & 4.5 50+

    Connie Chambas (with Rosario Ysip) won bronze in Womens Doubles 60+:3.0 60+

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    'Bring a Newbie Day' a Big Success!

    By Reine Steel, 04/23/2018

    In honor of April as National Pickleball Month, the club hosted its first ever "Bring a Newbie Day" event on Sunday, April 22nd. This was a chance for members to introduce friends and family to the sport we all love, in a welcoming and educational environment.  We had a total of 35 newbies and 9 volunteer instructors.  For nearly 2 hours, all available courts (even the old tennis courts!) were filled with smiling beginners.  A big thanks to everyone who volunteered for this event, and to those who trusted us with their spare paddles! We hope to do more newbie events in the future, so start bugging your "unenlightened" friends to come on out and learn to play Pickleball!

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    Court Closures 4/20-4/28

    By Dale Filbert, 04/19/2018

    This is an update from the Sunrise Park District on the Rusch Park pickleball court closure. Please mark your calendars and let other players know who may not be club members.

    ALL courts at Rusch Park will be closed for court maintenance starting this coming Friday morning at 8AMand will not open again until Saturday morning April 28th. Closed for 8 days.

    The only exception is this Sunday, April 22,  where 4 courts will be available to the club for the "Bring A Newbie" event starting at 12PM. Following this event, the gates to the courts will be locked. 

    So the "Bring a Newbie" event for this Sunday starting at 12PM is still on. Bring your friends/relatives who might be interested in the sport.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but the end result should be an improved playing surface with fresh paint.  

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