Membership Continues to Grow

    By Dale Filbert, 08/13/2017

    The response to the club's first year membership since January 1 has been tremendous. The club now has over 230 members! Lee Swayne, our club president, Steve Cooper, our club founder, and the rest of the club officers thank everyone for your tremendous support of starting up the Sunrise Pickleball Club.

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    CourtSide Firecracker Frenzy Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 07/27/2017

    CourtSide held their Firecracker Frenzy Tournament 2 in Rocklin from July 1-3.  Congratulations to the following SPC members who earned medals in their events:

    Dean Widman (with Chris Mayberry) won gold in Men's Doubles 4.5

    Joyce May (with Andrea Mayorga) won gold in Women's Doubles 4.5

    Robbin Maloney (with Howard Parsons) won gold in Mixed Doubles 4.0

    Robyn Penwell and Jennifer Fritz won gold in Women's Doubles 4.0

    Reine Steel and Victoria C. won silver in Women's Doubles 3.5

    Mike Martin (with Maria Brooks) won gold in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Heman Lee (with Jeanie Fond) won silver in Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Mike Martin (with John Martinez) won bronze in Men's Doubles 3.0

    Michelle Daniels (with Kevin Daniels) won gold in Mixed Doubles Beginner/Novice


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    Summer 2017 Round Robin Mixer Results

    By Reine Steel, 06/24/2017

    The club's second ever Round Robin Mixer was held on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.  All of the 48 available spots were claimed by members anxious to compete, even after this week's record-breaking heat wave.  Fortunately, Pickleballers are no strangers to getting up early, and everyone agreed to start bright and early at 7:00am in order to beat the heat.  It ended up being a beautiful morning, and we had plenty of shade, ice-cold Gatorade, and popsicles on hand to keep cool.  Steve and Reine kept score and called out the matches to make sure the courts were constantly filled.  We quickly breezed through 6 rounds of play, and after totaling the points, 3 clear winners emerged:

    First place:  Jiren Tan, who was undefeated with 66 points!

    Second place:  Kaiyu Shan, with 63 points

    Third place:  Peter Jordan, with 62 points

    The winners each received restaurant gift cards, drawstring bags, and pickleballs.

    A big thanks to the SPC Board of Directors who worked hard to put on this event, and thank you to our wonderful members who make it so much fun and WORTH IT!


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    SPC Members Medal at the Sonoma Wine Country Games

    By Reine Steel, 06/12/2017

    The Pickleball competition at the  2017 Sonoma Wine Country Games was held June 9-11 at Finley Center in Santa Rosa, California.  The Wine Country Games are exclusively for athletes ages 50+, and Pickleball was one of many sports featured.

    A number of Sunrise Pickleball Club members medaled in their divisions!  Congratulations to the following members:

    Mike Luevano (with Darlene Walker) won gold in Mixed Doubles 65-69

    Carol Nakao (with Sharon Klotz) won gold in Women's Doubles 70-74

    Claire Norton (with Pat Chichi) won gold in Women's Doubles 75-79

    Robbin Maloney (with Sue O'Connell) won gold in Women's Doubles 50-54

    Greg Giles and Mike Luevano won silver in Men's Doubles 60-64

    Kathy Yamamoto (with Lori Tokutomi) won bronze in Women's Doubles 55-59

    Peter Jordan (with Tom Kendrick) won bronze in Men's Doubles 65-69


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    Folsom Picklepalooza Tournament Results

    By Reine Steel, 05/23/2017

    The City of Folsom held their 3rd Annual Folsom Picklepalooza Tournament from May 18-20 at the Folsom Sports Complex.  It was a great turnout this year with 128 players competing in 6 different divisions.  Congratulations to the following SPC members who earned medals in their events:

    Terry Koupal and Stephanie Haddow won gold in Women's Advanced Doubles

    Duane Chinnow (with Lori Makabe) won gold in Mixed Intermediate Doubles

    Reine Steel and Lisa Ryan won silver in Women's Intermediate Doubles

    Val Graden (with Mark Meadows) won bronze in Mixed Intermediate Doubles

    Stephanie Haddow and Doyle Lahti won bronze in Mixed Advanced Doubles

    Duane Chinnow (with Tom Burkart) won bronze in Men's Intermediate Doubles

    Dean Widman and Peter Haddow won bronze in Men's Advanced Doubles

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